Winner : Arvinderpal Singh


The Concept :
  • Engineers Hub” is a Startup initiated by three students of UIET, Punjab University with a vision to build a platform to meet every constructive requirement of an engineer.
  • A section exclusive for each engineering college which will act as their own college app. It will be managed by the college manager app.
  • To provide an earning opportunity along with academic and competitive lerning
  • In built college chat room with features like polling and important Message
  • A section consisting different Internship/Project/Training opportunity.

1st Runner Up : Minal Warudkar


The Concept :
  • A section that will target the Defense Entrance Examinations that take place in India and question papers of past ten years along with a well organized Question Bank for several topics.
  • A section that will contain attractive wallpapers depicting the Indian Defense Forces that can be downloaded and shared by the user.
  • A section to cover the major defense happenings in the country which will be updated daily and the news will be displayed. Upcoming Recruitment notifications in defense sector will be explained thoroughly.
  • A section that will have YouTube content relating to the Indian Defense Forces which will be embedded from different YouTube Channels.

2nd Runner Up : Manjeet Singh


The Concept :
  • We usually order food online, and eat the food blindly, trusting our delivery partner uber,zomato etc. We only know that this restaurant is in that area.
  • The idea is to link camera installed in food joint, to zomato or railways or indigo to the QR code on the food packet in which the food is delivered.
  • The ingredients of the dish along with calorie count will also be available.
  • The customer can also rate this order, and give his views regarding the food quality.

Special Recognition

Abhishek Kumar


Category :
The Concept :
  • YaDude is an automobile service aggregator platform which will digitize the whole process of getting vehicles serviced and repaired
  • People will be able to Explore, Compare and Pre-book their services online.

Surya Gandhi


Category :
The Concept :
  • This app will help users to get blood anytime anywhere and any blood group, In dengue patient needs platelets which can be taken from the live blood itself.. So this app can be helpful there.

Vansh Soni

APP NAME : TechPunya

Category :
The Concept :
  • This is the initiative to help them who are scared of upcoming winter nights. We at Techpunya are aware that the people of Udaipur are kind-hearted and want to help them.
  • Therefore we are bringing a unique approach of the traditional cloth donation campaign. You as a donor are the one who makes any campaign successful.
  • Therefore whenever the donations are made we will be sharing the photos of donations so that you know for sure that you have attained your punya with the help of TechPunya.
  • This initiative is supported by BotLabs India the only team in Rajasthan to ever win Rajasthan Digifest 2.0 and was addressed by Chief Minister Herself.
  • Unlike traditional campaign where your role ends after donation, We make sure that you do not feel left out anywhere during the whole process of donation. You will know when where and to whom your donated clothes and blankets are going with the help of technology.

Abhyodaya Siddhartha


Category :
The Concept :
  • Our core vision is to deliver personalized education. Hence, we seek to deliver personalized content (according to the level of one's understanding of a topic) that keeps on updating with the individual.
  • Learners will connect with the right teacher and also manage their learning process.
  • Will get content according to their own Interests, IQ and level of understanding (e.g. if one like cricket he/she will get examples of cricket) to understand in a better way as our AI algorithms understand you every second.
  • Unlimited content in one subscription.
  • AI quiz bot can automatically generate unlimited questions on the content you study, revise your topics in seconds

Hari Krishna


Category :
The Concept :
  • There are lot of cases which are pending in high court, district court etc. Every time client call the advocate ask for case status , from these activity both get frustrated and loss there patience . Our application just provide the case status in few seconds , just by few click of button.

Virendra Pareek


Category :
The Concept :
  • The mobile app is a digital office boy platform where we appoint bikers in our app and anybody (mostly new startups) book bikers to deliver documents or collecting cheque or documents . They can also send parcel delivery for e-commerce in same day for same city

Shawrya Mehrotra


Category :
The Concept :
  • We believe that there is an infinite human potential present all around us. So, the team is developing an intuitive networking platform that helps people connect with the kind of people they’re looking for, according to their needs and interest - around them. Anytime, anywhere.
  • The app would work through an algorithm which will determine the kind of people you’re looking for and help you connect with them hyper locally for a face to face interaction.
  • We are trying to establish a double co-incidence of needs where two people connecting would each have something the other person is looking for. The app would also facilitate the users to meet at a nearby restaurant or cafe. Metvy is being backed by Delhi Govt’s Incubation center - ANDC Instart Foundation where it recently raised its seed round. Metvy has performed exceedingly well in many national level B-Plans including E-Summit, DTU; IIM Udaipur.

Winner : Shivansh Chanana


The Concept : Health
  • An AI-based companion app for disabled.
  • Automatically detects nearby objects and informs the user about the surroundings.
  • Google Maps integration for better knowledge of live traffic and shortest route.
  • Used as a travel companion by blind people.

1st Runner Up : Mayank Gaur


The Concept : Infrastructure
  • Solves the problem of car parking.
  • Suggest availability of car parking to the car owners on the basis of their location.
  • Saves the time and fuel of the car users.
  • GPS tracking devices installed in the parking areas interact with the CCTV Cameras and suggest empty car parking space.

2nd Runner Up : Shivansh Chanana


The Concept : Social Impact
  • Allows artists to showcase their talent/creativity/work directly to the right audience.
  • Provides direct connect between talent-seekers and creators.
  • Gives content creators the digital ownership of the content and protects it's from being misused.
  • Provides incentives for the work.

Special Recognition

Ujjwal Sharma


Category : Employment
The Concept :
  • Solves Unemployment.
  • Acts as a guiding tool to the user basis on his qualifications and interest.
  • Provides information for entrance examinations.
  • Provides information for employment-oriented examinations.
  • Flashes nearby pool campus placements.
  • Gives regular Updates on examinations’ important dates & details.
  • Suggests alternative options matching their profiles.
  • Provides sources to get notes/books/e-books
  • Gives details of Coaching Institutes.

Puneet Singh


Category : Social Impact
The Concept :
  • Gives a platform to spread a positive message in the society.
  • Upload pics/videos of your act of kindness and share with others on the map so that the world can witness your joy.
  • It is a unique way to get inspired and happy by doing good deeds.
  • It does motivate others to put good things into actions.

Satadru Mukherjee


Category : Health and Fitness
The Concept :
  • Supports healthy eating habits and fitness.
  • Makes the health and nutrition facts easily accessible to the users.
  • AR-based app scans and gives the nutritional value of the food item/products.
  • Suggests the recipes based on the scanned food items/products.

Santulan Chaubey


Category :
The Concept :
  • Prevents snatching by discharging an amount of electricity at the time of heavy jerks and high speed.
  • Electric current is enough to disrupt the voluntary control of the muscles of the snatcher.
  • Works as an Improvised Non-Lethal Electroshock Weapon.

Ikwansha Singh


Category : Social Impact
The Concept :
  • Fights against Depression.
  • Provides a relevant environment “to share anonymously” to people going through depression.
  • The user can share their problems and seek suggestions to cope up with
  • the situations by other users.
  • The user can choose their viewers to receive the suggestions.

Tanmay Varshney


Category : Societal Issues
The Concept :
  • Provides safety from robbers and attackers in panic situations.
  • The victim can press anywhere on the mobile locked screen and send SOS message to Police and relatives at the time of need.
  • Due to its blank black screen, attackers will not get the Idea of the user's action.

Shikhil Shaw


Category : Sports
The Concept :
  • Collects cricket players and matches data from sources like espncricinfo and cricbuzz.
  • Provides specific results related to players and matches with extensive analysis.
  • Suggests which player to retain in the team.
  • Suggests the batting order according to the match situation.
  • Analyses the scoreboard of the match to pick up the pain points of the team.

Kartik Kejariwal


Category : Others
The Concept :
  • An integrated transportation system which allows the user to travel from one place to another with different and efficient permutation-combination of available transportations.
  • Saves time, money and energy and suggest the best options to the users.
  • Provides information on transportation and means of travelling on the basis of the fed destination and current location as input.
  • Contributes to the society by promoting public transport and reduces pollution & traffic.

Anav Kumria


Category : Social Impact
The Concept :
  • Makes donation and charities easy by getting the user all the information about NGOs and Charitable Causes.
  • An online database that holds information about NGOs and Charitable Causes, types, locations, contact details and how the user can make contributions to these causes with a click.
  • Suggests NGOs of the nearby locations.

Ravi Rajotia


Category : Healthcare
The Concept :
  • Allows artists to showcase their talent/creativity/work directly to the right audience.
  • Provides direct connect between talent-seekers and creators.
  • Gives content creators the digital ownership of the content and protects it's from being misused.
  • Provides incentives for the work.

Winners : Akash K., Varun R.

Category : Sports

The Concept :
  • The app provides facility to locate the nearby sports activities.
  • One can easily connect with the like minded people to play games.
  • User can host the game in his locality and inform others to participate through app
  • It offers handy tips and rules to play games

1st Runner Up : Arjun Kumar Khera

APP NAME : Skill Mate

Category : Education
The Concept :
  • It is an app to connect people over skills & hobbies
  • App offers easy connect for students with teachers and coaches
  • It is a platform for common people to showcase their talent.

2nd Runner Up : Dr. Rachna Singh

APP NAME : Mind & Wellness

Category : Health Care
The Concept :
  • The App provides mental health solutions
  • It offers various mind activating games and quizzes
  • It offers exercises and tips to relax mind and body
  • It has a feature of psychometric test

Special Recognition

Birindwa Serge


Category : Education
The Concept :
  • Eduself app is a forum to network among coaching Institutes, home tutors and students.
  • It allows coaching institutes and home tutors to list themselves on the app.
  • It will help student to find out information about his desired institute or tutor.
  • Students can enroll through app.
  • Students can give the review regarding Institute and Tutor based on their experience.

Satwik Kansal

APP NAME : Sign Language Assistant

Category : Social Category
The Concept :
  • This app is for people who are unable to speak.
  • App will translate their sign language in to text/Video through machine learning, language processing and computer vision.
  • It will also have a feature called Tutor to learn the Sign Language

Nirbhit Samlodhya


Category : Enterprise Category
The Concept :
  • This app offers flexible warehousing.
  • People will offer available space in their houses, offices etc on rent for storage.
  • Those who need space to store their goods will pay and use it for an interim as per their requirements and understanding with space owner.
  • App will offer transportation facility too.

Amit Arora

APP NAME : Gift A Smile

Category : Healthcare Category
The Concept :
  • This app is for the blood donors and recipients
  • User needs to register: Which consist of blood group, phone no and sex (male or female)
  • Blood donation date and day can be recorded
  • Blood donor can be located
  • Request for blood requirements can be posted
  • Ready reckoner with blood banks details

Kapil Murdia

APP NAME : Campus Konnect

Category : Education Category
The Concept :
  • Campus Konnect ia an app featuring all major national/local student competitions at single place
  • Students can find out details about competition through app
  • Colleges are allowed to upload their event and important notifications

Ankit Khakholia

APP NAME : Corporate Mobile Wallet

Category : Enterprise Category
The Concept :
  • Employees use corporate cards to incur business expenses or incur out of pocket expenses.
  • Retain receipts and later submit for approval, settlement and/or reimbursements

Kunal Bhattacharya

APP NAME : Problem Solver

Category : Education Category
The Concept :
  • It is a knowledge sharing app
  • Any user can ask question for which he is looking for a solution
  • Another user(who has a solution) can answer the query
  • Other Users can rate the solutions

Abhishek Agarwal

APP NAME : Local Kirana

Category : Enterprise
The Concept :
  • An app to connect Local/society kirana stores to their customers
  • Kirana stores can receive the customer order on app instead on a phone call.
  • It has a feature of Cash and order management
  • Payment can be done in cash

Shashank Singh

APP NAME : Books & Bytes

Category : Education Category
The Concept :
  • It is an app to help students to exchange and buy old books
  • It has a feature for group study and discussion.